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How to connect my Phone / PC to minimirror oral endoscope

  • Power on minimirror oral endoscope
  • On your smart phone / PC, navigate to wifi setup, find hot spot name start with 'MiniMirror-' and connect it like set up your home wifi router, if password is required, input 'mm123456'
  • Navigate to 'miniMirror' app, you should be able to use minimirror oral endoscope now
  • What should I do if minimirror APP is not showing the preview image

  • Make sure minimirror endoscope is powered on and the LED is lit on
  • Make sure your smart phone or PC is connected to the wifi hot spot 'minimirror-xxxx', where xxxx is your minimirror endoscope device id
  • Check if the minimirror endoscope head is properly connected with endoscope body, you may switch if off and on to re-connect
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